Most of us do not believe we are here for a purpose. You have a role to play in life, not only your life but other people's lives as well. Just like a an aeroplane was built to fly, you were born to do something special.

“You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed. When you teach, you never know how many lives you will influence...you are teaching for eternity” - Karen Jensen.

All humans are born with their potential, unfortunately it is up to us to unlock that potential. This mystery hasn't hit home for many, not only young people but adults as well. Those who were lucky to discover their purpose-why they are here, have managed to live a fulfilling life. While I do not want to write negatively about riches, I think most of us tend to be misled by the illusion that everyone's purpose is to have financial abundance. Without mentioning names I am sure we would all agree that life is awash with people we thought were successful and had it all only to realise they are not happy. True happiness only comes along when you discover your true purpose in life.

All my articles are written for young adults - teens. Having spent a good sixteen years in the trenches with teens I feel like I am one of you guys. I sometimes forget that I cannot do what I could 20 odd years ago. So when I write I am looking to empower you, mentoring and coaching is not proactively implemented in most systems I have had the delight of serving and I strongly believe it should be introduced as a subject in schools. It is about understanding why you or other people behave in a particular way and how to maximise your potential.

Back to the subject of potential, people tend to do well at what they enjoy and usually what we enjoy is not our purpose. Our purpose is something we are willing to die for.

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